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The ICD-10 coding standard was enacted within the U.S. on October 1, 2015. Does your organization have the proper tools to manage the new coding standard correctly? The conversion to ICD-10 from ICD-9 has greatly impacted every healthcare organization. The new ICD-10 standard is comprised of over 140,000 codes vs the ICD-9 standard of 18,000+. How will you navigate this transition? Computer systems including Benefits, Billing and Reporting/Analytics use thousands of codes and code groupings which still need to be remediated. How will your organization tackle the longitudinal data challenge? Can you afford to make bad decisions caused by deficient longitudinal mappings within your analytics systems?

Note: GEM Maintenance has ended from CMS: There is no FY 2019 GEMs file. As stated in the FY 2016 IPPS/LTCH PPS final rule (80 FR 49388), the GEMs have been updated on an annual basis as part of the ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee meetings process and will continue to be updated for approximately 3 years after ICD-10 is implemented.

Remediator™ has the features and power to overcome the challenges as a result of this mandated transition. The Remediator™ tool suite of Translator, Validator, Analyzer and Estimator, has been built from the ground up to quickly process thousands of codes and code groupings within seconds! By utilizing Remediator™ for mass code and code group processing, you will be able to free up your resources to deal with the finer details of the ICD-10 transition.

Remediator™ stands alone as the fastest, most powerful and accurate ICD-10 tool suite on the market today! See a live Demo here: Live Demo. Fully supported by Windows and Mac OS/X platforms while utilizing your Browser, Adobe Reader and Microsoft Excel. Apple IPad is supported but does not include Excel downloads at this time.

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