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Reengineering ... Reinventing ... Restructuring

Founded in 1985, DVR has earned widespread recognition for our ability to integrate the most advanced object-oriented tools, knowledge navigation techniques and databases to provide our customers with applications that are expanding the envelope of technology. Over the years, our clients have found that while we can provide the expertise and resources of a large consulting firm, our emphasis is on responding to the special needs of each client. This focus has made us keenly aware of the importance of developing partnerships with our clients. And it's why we make an up-front investment in getting to know your organization. We actively listen as you discuss your goals, expectations and priorities. Then, with a clear understanding of your current and future needs, we can help you develop successful data management solutions that are cost-effective, versatile and powerful. At DVR, we are proud of our reputation for responsiveness, innovation and resourcefulness. Our clients have learned that when we make a commitment we keep it. And when we say we will find a solution, we do it.

We Solve Problems

In today's fiercely competitive business environment, project timeframes are being steadily compressed - a challenge we view as an opportunity to excel. The purchase request system DVR developed for NASA Ames Research Center is an example of our ability to rapidly deliver real-world solutions. Before beginning the development process, we thoroughly studied the current system and actively listened as Ames staff members outlined their requirements and priorities. Then we developed a new customer client/server purchase request system that included sophisticated electronic editing, routing and tracking capabilities. Intensive user involvement during the development process allowed us to create a system which implemented smoothly and dramatically shortened the time it took get a purchase request through NASA's approval structure. People working together more productively and more creatively. That's the powerful advantage of building partnerships and the key to achieving superior quality.

Our Success Has Been Built On Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

From the very beginning, our firm's emphasis has been on creating an organization that encourages innovative and personal initiative. Such an environment is an important reason why, in an industry where high employee turnover is the norm, we have been able to recruit and retain exceptionally skilled specialists. Over the years, we have found that the smallest glitches - if not caught quickly - can cause problems that are expensive and time-consuming to fix. During the development process, our team experience and broad-based technical knowledge assures successful results of your project by "red-flagging" potential problems and helping you make informed decisions. However, no matter how carefully you prepare unforeseen problems can arise. At DVR, we believe that an inherent part of providing excellent service is the ability to successfully handle the unexpected. When areas of concern are detected, our development team has the experience necessary to respond with timely solutions to keep on schedule.

Experience ... Customer focus ... Advanced Technology

Our expertise with a broad spectrum of tools and relational database products allow us to design and develop applications that can be quickly learned and easily used by employees with varying levels of computer proficiency. A case in point is the state-of-the-art quality control data collection system DVR developed for New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI). This system was implemented using client/server technology with custom-written external procedures for special graphics handling and interfaces. Extensive use of graphical input methods using touch screens was designed into the system for ease of use by production line personnel. As one of the leading MIS solution providers, DVR staff members are frequently asked to demonstrate, at national and international conferences, how we solved data management problems for companies like Apple, Kaiser, United Health Care, Bank of America, NUMMI and NASA. We are committed to broadening our service spectrum so that we can offer the cutting edge solutions successful companies need to become more productive and more competitive. And we have gathered the people, the technology and the systems necessary to meet that commitment.