What is Remediator™?

Remediator™ provides power tools to aid with the ICD-10 transition

What is Remediator™?

Remediator™ is a collection of 4 power tools Translator, Validator, Analyzer and Estimator, designed to aid with the CMS mandated transition to the latest medical coding standard, ICD-10. Designed from the ground up, these tools used individually or collectively provide the fastest most accurate pathway for your organization to transition your systems to ICD-10. A partial list of typical remediation uses include: Benefits Configuration, SuperBills, Clinical Review, Provider Contracts, Registries, Data Warehouses, Research and Reporting-Analytics. Anywhere in your enterprise where existing ICD9 codes need to be remediated to ICD-10, Remediator™ will be there to simplify your remediation efforts.

Engineered for the purpose of remediation, these are the fastest, most accurate set of ICD tools period!

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Utilizing industry standard mappings (CMS GEMS) or your own custom mapping, Translator is by far the easiest, fastest and most accurate way to transition to ICD-10. Supporting both forward 9 to 10 or backward 10 to 9 mappings, your codes and code groupings can be processed quickly and efficently. The true power of Translator is in it's support for Bulk code group entry. Whether a Benefits, Reporting-Analytics or other ICD code grouping, thousands of codes can be processed in seconds while retaining the integrity of the grouping. Upload your complete code grouping or sub-grouping(s) using the Bulk file entry option and your mapping will be completed in seconds. Simply put, your code groupings are processed as they are stored currently and mapped accordingly! With it's ability to integrate within existing workflows, Translator will quickly become your remediation tool of choice! Click here for a sample of Translator output: Translator Sample.


Many legacy systems contain ICD codes which have been depracated over time and thus are no longer valid. Validator insures that your code tables contain valid codes and/or valid partial codes by validating them against the most current ICD standard. ICD-9/ICD-10 Codes or code groupings can be validated against the current ICD tables in seconds! Codes, partial codes(used for wildcarding) with or without decimal points can be validated. Click here for a sample of Translator output: Validator Sample.


Analyzer provides detailed mapping statistical information for code mapping for your code grouping(s). It is most useful for statistically determining mapping strategies and remediation effort. It also provides the mapping statistics which are utlilized by Estimator. Click here for a sample of Analyzer output: Analyzer Sample.


Using industry standard coding metrics, Estimator will provide your management team with an initial project sizing estimate containing the level of effort required for a given remediation effort. It can provide guidance to questions such as, how many man hours will it take to transition our ICD-9 code grouping(such as diabetes, asthma,etc.) to ICD-10? While not exact, Estimator will be able to provide relative levels of effort based upon various code groupings to be remediated. Click here for a sample of Estimator output: Estimator Sample.

Web Services

Web Services provides access to the Remediator™ Engine for your enterprise applications. By using Industry standard Web Services and JSON messaging, the power of Remediator™ can be unleashed into your enterprise. Click here for a video demonstration of Web Services: Web Services Video.