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DVR Consulting, Inc. provides a vast array of services


DVR Consulting, Inc. offers a wide range of consulting services tailored to meet your objectives as you are making the transition to ICD-10. For over 25 years our clients have depended on our ability to deliver quality solutions on time and within budget. Clients such as Apple Inc., Nasa/Ames Research, Kaiser and Unitied Healthcare have benefited from our expertise. Our ICD-10 consulting services include:

  • 1. ICD-10 Longitudanal Mapping strategies
  • 2. ICD-10 Troublshooting Claims (such as DRG undercoding)
  • 3. End to End Revenue Cycle Testing
  • 4. Technical Project Management
  • 5. Training
A complete list of our ICD transition services can be found here Our Services.
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Our Training services include both on site and web based curriculum. Training topics include:

  • 1. How to use Remediator™
  • 2. Common Remediation Strategies
  • 3. Demystifing the CMS GEMS
  • 4. How to create your own mapping
Custom training curriculum can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Custom Mapping

Finding that the GEMS do not satisfy your mapping needs? Maybe you need to create a custom mapping. Our mapping experts can help you create an ICD mapping based upon your unique requirements. Working with your SME's, we will create a Custom ICD mapping(s) which will be designed to be accessable by the complete Remediator™ Tool set. Your Custom mapping will be available as an option within Translator, Analyzer, Estimator and Web Services, to aid with your ICD-10 transition.


Leveraging the Web Services support built into the Remediator™ engine, integration within your enterprise can be made possible. Through Web Services you can provide ICD code details to any application which is configured to do so. Depending upon your needs our integration experts can quickly and efficiently work with you to configure Web Services to meet your needs.